Jarvis Noelle

Jarvis Noelle


My friend Amanda and I always bounce ideas off of one another.  She's a great sounding board, and the other night, she texted me about an idea that I just happened to be throwing around myself...(we roll like that sometimes).

Out of that conversation, the #LoveYourself challenge was born.  The idea is simple...pick that one thing that you've been wanting to start, or perhaps, wanting to get back to, and RoCk it out for the entire month of February!  It takes 21 days to start a new habit, and I'm giving you a head start!

With that being said, here's how I'm going to love myself this month.  I have been putting off Periscoping, and launching my YouTube channel for various silly reasons, and in February, I'm continuing to work on my 2016 goals, and grow past my comfort zones.  So, I'm making the commitment to Periscope twice a week, and upload a YouTube video once a week, (starting next week).  This is imperative to me really embracing this new new season in my life!

So...what do you think?!?!  Are you willing to join us? Is there something you've pushed to the side that you want to pick back up again?  Are you wanting to read more, wear a new lipstick color, exercise more, start a new business...whatever it is, THIS is the month to do it!  

You know it's not official if you don't have a hashtag, so here goes, use #LoveYourself to track the challenge along the way in all of your social media posts!  It will also allow us to see you shine this month, and shout you out!  I can't wait to see you SHINE!

Until next time... ~J