Jarvis Noelle

Jarvis Noelle

Year of YES!

Have you ever read a book that has made you wonder what you have been doing all your life?!

My friend Ashley purchased this book as a beach read for our Ultimate Girls' Trip to Puerto Vallarta, and finished it before even landing in Mexico, and said that for some reason, the book screamed J A R V I S...and y'all...I'm so glad it did!

This book is uh-mazing (in my Adele voice), and evoked just about every emotion known to man....yes, it was just that good.  

Shonda Rimes, yes, THAT Shonda Rimes is the author, and she does not disappoint.  Her voice and realness just takes you to places that you have long forgotten about...places that probably aren't your favorite, and you are forced to deal with them...and suddenly, it all becomes clear....Jarvis, gurlllllll...you've been playing this life safe.

YES!  She decides (at the hand of a flippant remark from her sister), to say yes more.  Once she decides to say yes more, her life naturally begins to look very different.

I'm sure you can guess that at the hands of this book, I began to question all of the ways I have said no.  You guys...so many areas of my life are protected, on lockdown, behind the most secure wall...but ironically, I must reside behind those structures to protect my turf...and with that, comes a whole lot of NOs.

I mean sure, I took a HUGE leap of faith and left a "good" job to pursue an opportunity of a lifetime, but what about the little things that feed into the big things? Sidetone: I am acutely aware of how insanely crazy this makes me appear...and most days, I question it myself, but...YOLO!

So, as I flipped to the last page, I couldn't help but take a quick inventory...blame it on year 36 coming in hot in just a few short weeks.  I became determined that I would identify all of the things I needed to say yes to, and remain open (insert anxiousness) to the idea of saying YES...outside of my legal pad.

Have I said YES to great health?  Have I said YES to success? And not that safe success I've already experienced...I'm talking about the success that puts me under the scope, and pulls me to the spotlight that I desperately try to stay away from. Have I said yes to total contentment in this season? Have I said YES to being enough just the way I am, if I never get another feather in my cap? My list of things that I've said no to has become so comfortable that yes is as foreign to me as that email I received written in Spanish last week from Aero Mexico.

I've got enough nos already identified, that if I say yes to nothing new this year, I still wouldn't be able to recognize myself, but you know what?!? It's time.

So...here's to saying YES!  And loving it...I hope!  I'm excited, but I know that there are some plot twists that I couldn't possibly predict, and perhaps will be met with a little edge in my voice...but nonetheless.  

I am ready to say YES.