Jarvis Noelle

Jarvis Noelle

I'm Jarvis Noelle...

Well hello there!  

What a feeling this is to finally be in my new digs, doing one of my favorite things - writing.

I have been informally blogging for years....and I loved it, BUT, I always wanted to call myself a blogger...to carve out a special place in the world wide web, and really make it my own.  I have put this off for years, but this year, I decided to go for all of the things I have been too busy to do in the past.  And I am excited!

I am not a beauty guru...you can find me with a ponytail and sweatpants just as quickly as you can all gussied up, BUT, I LOVE makeup, and I'm definitely a girly girl.  I'm not a lifestyle blogger so to speak, because my life...though it is fun(ish), is not a style, if you will, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and I think you'll come to find out that you like it here.

I've been told by those closest to me that I am guarded.  That I only allow people to get so close, and I throw up a wall.  Through blogging, and vlogging, I'm working hard to break through that.  I'll be honest...it'll be a journey, but I'm up for the challenge.  Even though everything inside of me screams GIRL STAY BEHIND THAT WALL, my personal mantra for 2016, #crush2016, is causing me to be fearless!!! So again, welcome, and feel free to stay awhile.